Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Random Thoughts: July 20th, 2005

  • I've been dissing this guy on for misspelling "bitches" on his porn link blog. Him and his fellow dick-beaters have retaliated with cutting barbs such as "fag", "homo" and "how can you type while giving your boyfriend a reacharound?" As you can see, I pick my battles wisely. It was fun for sec, but now I'm done.
  • MuchMusic continues to suck. Maybe I'm just old. I'm just gonna stick to The Wedge and Going Coastal until they disappear, which I think is inevitable.
  • Settling into the Virginia thing. My aunt is really happy I'm coming, so that's cool. I'm gonna draw my ass off.
  • Currently listening to Epic's Local Only. Solid. Picture a guy that seems most unlikely to rhyme, but does, and in the end you're glad he's around...that's Epic. ( get yourself some Clothes Horse Records mp3s and get familiar. Then buy a damn album!)
  • I've found a ton of reference for a burlesque-themed art show that should be going down in October. I'll keep y'all posted n' stuff.

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