Friday, October 31, 2003

CNHS and Hard to Earn
Today's my last day here at Canada's National History Society. As interesting as it has been, I'm kinda glad. I've got SO much other shit to do, man.

Here's what I've learned in my time here:
1. I'm not pro-active enough.
2. I'm becoming better at being self-sufficient(or at least making myself look busy)
3. I could really benefit from being around other designers(CNHS hires freelancers, so I didn't really have someone to get input/feedback/guidance from...*sigh*)
4. What they need is a student(the next time they get one) that has proven themselves to be a real self-starter, and really handy with QuarkXpress. In other words, someone other than me.
5. The lady that maintains their website is a cutie.

I can't believe I took almost 10 years to purchase Gang Starr's Hard to Earn! Damn, it's good. I'm not as confident about their new one, The Ownerz. It's a'ight, but not hitting me the way I'd like it to. I know some folks were like, "yo...they in a slump, man...", but I figure Gang Starr at their worst is still better than most. Kinda. It feels like they rehashed a number of things from the previous album, which is kinda sad. Moment of Truth is a masterpiece, and I still play that on the regular. Oh least Guru's Montreal protegé Bless isn't on it. I can't stand that dude. He's a 12 year-old with facial hair.

I might see if I can trade it in for Neko Case's Blacklisted.

Oh yeah...I wanna give props to Brent Rollins on the design tip for The Ownerz packaging. Beautiful.

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