Friday, March 20, 2015

Grabbin' the Bull By the Horns

Personal Social (Media) Experiment
"Internet Code of Conduct" is a bit of a misnomer. What I've actually drawn up for myself is a plan to streamline my online activities, particularly where social media is concerned.

Why? Because I'm tired, that's why.

On Tumblr, I'm bombarded day after day with posts related to racism, people denying racism exists, and other incidents of injustice and assholery. (Including homophobia, transphobia, fat hate, etc.) Also on Tumblr, I'm overwhelmed by illustration eye candy on the daily by people that actually use their time wisely and create stuff. My brain, eyes, and heart need a fucking break from both of these things because I'm going nowhere fast. With the former, I wonder what's the point of doing anything when the world is clearly so shitty and out to get me. As far as the latter is concerned, I can't get any better at creating things by just observing. It helps, but you need to put what you've learned into action by doing.

So, tonight I sat down and wrote out a plan to streamline my online activities; a personal set of rules. The plan is to keep it up for at least a month and see if it's effective. I'll adjust things where I need to. Basically, I'm attempting to take control of my habits and be a more productive me.

This is long overdue.


TRoyal said...

I support this. Do what you gotta so you can make dope shit.

Allan Lorde said...

Thank you, sir. I knew you'd have my back.