Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Like We Always Do About This Time

I See Resolutions As Guidelines of Personal Conduct, Not Laws (2013 Edition)

Normally, I'd make a bigger deal out of this sort of thing, but:
  1. this is my 900th post,
  2. and this blog recently saw its 10th anniversary.
Crazy, eh? Anyway, those are my resolutions up top.
  1. The usual. Self-explanatory. 
  2. I lost 30 pounds last year via physical labor. Now I have to really work at it. 
  3. I wasn't late often, but there were times where it could have been avoided. Planning ahead is key. I hate being late. 
  4. The Naylor layoff almost two years ago was the beginning of a downward spiral. Will I be out of debt by the end of the year? Not likely, but I really want to make moves toward being debt free.

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