Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sketchbook-Based Skeletons

Contents: Four Years of the Worst Sketches Ever ('96-'00)

Sarah and I recently went down to the basement to give Dante another spot to play (other than the living room). That meant removing a lot of junk and finally putting a ton of books away, which also brought our bookshelves 80% closer to their former glory. The photo above was taken a couple months before that endeavour, but it illustrates that I came across a stack of old sketchbooks. These things are far more embarrassing than baby photos. In particular, I looked at my final student one from 2005 and found a lot of stuff that I found awkward/repulsive.

If anything, it served as a reminder of where I've come from, and how far I have to go. Gotta keep pushing. After all, it's just a place to practice and have fun.

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