Saturday, January 01, 2011

Al's Resolutions and 2010 Random Thoughts


The usual. They revolve around health and creativity.

Health: Eating better, exercising regularly. I'm not totally committed to this mentally yet, but it's in the back of my mind. I'm mainly doing it for me, but I do have a wife and kid to be around for, so yeah...I'm doing it for them, too. I'll have to re-establish Friday as my "cheat day" and be good for the rest of the week. My father-in-law is apparently committed to "de-chunking" this year, so this may become a family thing.

Creativity: Although I've done a handful of things, I feel like I've been play-acting at the illustration thing. This year, I'm making some moves. It starts with rituals and commitment: creating something every day. Drawing something – anything – everyday. And if I'm not drawing, I should be writing, or taking pictures. On the picture front, my wife got me a Fisheye 2 for Christmas, and I'm stoked! It feels kinda weird to be using film again, but I welcome it.
Getting back to the ritual thing, I gotta straighten up my workspace regularly. A clean spot to work is healthy. So yeah...nose to the grindstone and all that.
Bonus links - Great Illustration Resources:
Escape From Illustration Island | Zero 2 Illo | Holli Conger's Illustration Tips

2010 Random Thoughts
  • Dante. Needless to say, he was the highlight of my year. He's wonderful. And my wife gets my undying love for working so hard to bring him into this world. 2011 is going to be full of discovery and landmarks for all three of us. I can feel it.
  • Online By The Numbers. In 2010, I reached my eighth anniversary of running this here blog, nine years of being on, and 15 years since my introduction to the web. Crazy.
  • Travel. The Minneapolis trip at the beginning of the year ruled. I saw friends, and ate a lot. I also decided that on my 40th birthday – or at least the year of – I have to be in Japan, either with the family or on my own. Goals are good thing.
    Looks like we might be heading to Calgary in a few months. Fingers crossed!
  • Masticators. I launched a food blog with two homies that love food as much as I do. We started slow, but I see us writing even more stuff and having fun in the process. Full steam ahead!
  • Jazz Fest. I had a blast. Can they top it this year? We'll see!
  • T-shirts. I predict that I'll be buying a lot more shirts. I guess that's not really a prediction. Got some good ones in 2010. Formula Werks,'ll be hearing from me.


Kayti Taylor said...

Those are some great 2011 resolutions.

"de-chunking" I lOVE that!!

thats me as well. 2010 got away from me and I'm paying for it. No sleep, a demanding toddler, work, house and money yadda yadda bull crap! I say bull crap. time to bring out the big guns, sacrifice something so I can refocus on me and my health. If not diabetes is around the corner and like you said, I've got 2 kids and a husband to be around for. I just wish my husband would join me on the de-chunking quest.

Allan Lorde said...

I'm glad you like the resolutions! Yeah, it's all about focus, and I'm gaining some. My goals and objectives are becoming a little clearer to me now.