Saturday, October 10, 2009

Net Clutter

My iMac, surrounded by junk, as I was getting ready to move. April 29th, 2008.

Just got my now healthy-iMac – see last post – back from Powerland Computers (shout-out to Brian Marsh), and I couldn't be happier. Isn't that sad?
During the five or so days that Brian was repairing it, I went to bed earlier, read more, and began re-evaluating my eating habits. Life without a computer was good for me, and now it's back. I have to admit that I've been having far more fun on the web than in real life, and the problems my iMac was having kinda fucked all of that up.
It seems I really have to kick the "balance" thing into gear, finally. A little bit of web life, and a lot more living, because it don't last long.
With that said, time to clear my 1000+ entries in Google Reader, my RSS reader of choice (I use the Helvetireader theme, because I'm a nerd):
  • Adult Stuff: While inessential, the links are often entertaining and quick to read. Currently at 0 items.
  • Art Sites and Blogs: In total, 195 items. GigPosters New Arrivals, Juxtapoz and OMGPosters are the must-reads. Let's see...there's 11 posts of John K. presumably angry about something. DELETE.
  • Comic Blogs and Comic Creators: 165 items. Well, anything from Brandon Graham is worthy of reading (and in the case of this post, re-reading). Also essential: Hark! A Vagrant, Jess Fink, and Comics 212 (partially because of the daily FUN! strips by Evan Dorkin)
  • Comics: Yup. Just web-based comics. 15 items, quick read.
  • Design: 204 items. This will take some time to read through/eradicate. Kitsune Noir is a quick and good read, and often gives me desktops and mixes for my trouble.
  • Friends' Blogs: 285 items...255 of them from one person. Luckily, they're tumblr-based, therefore a fast read.
  • Illustration and Illustrator Blogs: 143 items. Jim Mahfood is a dude I admire, so yeah, he's gonna get read. Charlie Allen and Thom Glick are also on tap. Plus, I have some stuff at Drawn! that needs to be watched and/or read, plus I just noticed that Coop has some new posts on his blog, which I thought he abandoned.
  • Japan: 44 items. Easy peasy. Jean Snow, Tokyomango, and Japan Pulse.
  • Miscellaneous: 184 items, and pretty much inessential, although I will breeze through the Erostika posts.
  • Music: 441 items. This one's Exclaim's news, delete everything else. Idolator, while fun and occasionally informative is endlessly catty, so I can often take or leave their coverage. Rap Radar often boils down to talking about boring new rappers/new rappers that aren't boring, who dissed whom, who's fucking whom and the occasional dope joint among the detritus. Fun, right? Hells yeah, but at 200 items, I can pass that fun up for a week.
  • Tech Stuff: Out of the 23 items on board, I'll probably just wade through Blogger Buzz, Gmail Blog and Twitter Blog.
  • Winnipeg Blogs: 103 items. I think I'll update my social calendar via SubCal, see what the man behind The Rise and Sprawl is pissed off about, and check out what Mr. Scott has captured on his blog Winnipeg: Love and Hate.
  • Wrestling: 16 items. Just two sites are here: J.R.'s Blog and Strong Style Spirit. While these posts would be quick to digest, I think I think I'll just hit Figure Four Weekly/Wrestling Observer for my news hit.
Well, my work is cut out for me.
I think I'll clean the bathroom instead.

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