Sunday, September 28, 2008

Out of Office AutoReply

Typed at my cubicle around 5:30 on Friday:
Next week, I'm marrying the lady that made me a fine, upstanding citizen (by day).
Because of that, I have three Caribbean aunts in town who need to be shown what Winnipeg is all about (trips to Dollarama). So yeah, I ain't gonna be here.
I'll be back on October 7th, wondering where the week went. Until then, Tim or Christine should be able to help with any pressing issues.

You oughta get that looked at,


Louie! said...

See you and Sarah this weekend, Al!

James said...

Al congrats on geetin merried.

I just saw some shots on Jeopoplis.

You are a fine looking man.

Best wishes for you and your wife.


Allan L. said...

Louie: It was great seeing you!
James: Many thanks, man!