Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Latest Controversy at

This poster by Paul Gardner of Minneapolis aka "Florafauna".
The issue here, is that the geometric landmass comes from a piece by Andrew Holder.
Mountain Town
The unwritten rule of re-appropriation, it seems, is that cribbing the work of your contemporaries isn't looked upon favorably. Even if it's re-contextualized...y'know, a collage.
The whole thing's a sticky wicket, needless to say. Wow, what an antiquated term.
Anyway...I remember when something similar happened four years ago. I joined in on the web-based flogging, and for my trouble, the said insecure "artist" decided to post racist comments on this blog, posing as someone else several times. He also faked his death. On the internet.

Now, other than this post, I'm staying far away from the whole fracas. Why? Because nothing I say will solve a fucking thing, and I won't be adding anything new. And while I love the site and owe Clay big time for starting it, the arguments tend to upset me. That, and other stuff, but there's no need to elaborate on the "other stuff". Life's too short, for fuck's sake. As I type this, there are 565 672 comments on that poster, and that may jump by 200 before the week is through.

I gotta say, I hate copyright/re-appropriation/re-contextualization arguments. It's like, where do you draw the fucking line? What's safe to use, what's verboten? It gives me a headache. As mentioned, the fact that part of the image was borrowed from someone of the same era is the issue. I was gonna make mention of the awesome work that Girl Talk does, doing the same thing with music, but I seem to have lost the plot. Great. I started this post at like, 2 AM and now I'm finishing it during my lunch break.

At any rate, I'd like to hear what you might have to say about this, so leave comments.

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TRoyal said...

Ay yo,

So I got up on the original thread, and...I'm lost. 150+ pages. I did see where you got stepped to, which is some bitch shit, but hey.

You know I live me some GP too, but this too shall pass, especially as more avenues open up for people to put their stuff out there and even more opp for some folk who are abll about the $ to rip it off.

You can't get worked up about the arguments, yo. Too many creative people. TOo many influences. Too many people online take the chance to act like dicks. Too many feel the need to combat the dickdom.

For the piece itself, it's obvious it's being used. And, ignoring the response with the artist, I don't know if it's an homage or "influence" to really do what was done.

I got more, but I'll hit you with it later.