Friday, October 05, 2007

Unconditional Corgi Love!

Unconditional Corgi Love

This is my piece for the newly launched Winnipeg 'zine, A Paw In My Face, founded by my man Chris Pointon and Meagan Radford.
Those of you in Peg City can get yerself a copy from these spots:

Osborne Village
Starbucks, Kustom Kulture, Urban Waves, Second Cup, Music Trader

The Exchange District
The Fyxx, Mondragon, Connect Four, Art Space building, Into The Music, Mulberry Art, Underground Café

The Fyxx on Broadway
Cousins Deli (Wolsely)
The Park Theatre (Osborne)
McNally Robinson Books (Grant Park) West End Cultural Centre

This issue's topic? LOVE.

Why a corgi? Because they're so cute!
If I could find the cutie I used for reference, I'd link it up, 'cuz I found it on Flickr.

Now, if you ain't from here, you can read the whole thing here.


Luke in Progress said...

I was really disappointed I couldn't get some thing in for this, or be there for the launch, or even pick up a copy.
I really hope Chris gets a second issue going in the near future. Maybe put off a little of the RRC responsibilities.

Allan L. said...

The topic of the next one is "hate"! When it'll come about...I dunno.

Morpheus said...

If I was going to get a dog, it would be a corgi...

Allan L. said...

I can dig that. They;re SO cute!