Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's About That Time...

CRUMBS line-up
Ticket purchase.

Entrance to Old Market Square 3

That's right. FRINGE TIME. I do believe I love it more than Boxing Day, and that's saying something. There's a heady air about the Fringe that nothing in the world can match, which will keep me locked to Winnipeg no matter where life takes me.
Sarah and I will begin our marathon run of shows on Friday. We're planning on seeing 15.
At least 15.


Luke Tokaryk said...

I have to say, where as you love the fringe(and I don't dislove the fring) I'm really happy its wrapped up.
It was a little overwhelming for me at times, and I didn't even try for super-attendance.
Call me a light weight I guess.

Allan L. said...

I hear ya. Hanging out in Old Market Square with the heat we've been having, and the huge amount of people there can be a little much.
Saw 17 shows!