Wednesday, June 27, 2007


...there's absolutely no levity in the Benoit situation, but I can't help but think of this:
Benoit may have made the ultimate heel turn. (the Wikipedia link doesn't have any sources listed, but it gets the point across.)
Before you write me off as crass by looking at this horrible tragedy in wrestling terms, let me tell you that I'm coping with this as much as any other person that followed Chris' entire career. Every detail that comes out about this incident sickens me.
But back to my point – Chris, in the space of two or so days, went from one of the most universally respected pro wrestlers in history, to one of the most reviled individuals on the planet. Whatever tributes that have appeared on WWE's site have disappeared, replaced by a timeline of the events.
Everything he did in his career will be colored by what he's inescapable in my mind. On Monday, I planned on watching his match with the Great Sasuke after work, until the fact it was a double murder-suicide came out. So I spent the night in front of the Mac, trying to make sense of the whole thing (impossible), in a state of numbness.
Forgive me, I'm just riffing. I was kind of inspired by a recent Scott Keith post and just had to let it all out.
I'm dying to go back to posting fun shit.

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Jeope said...

Take your time. A long weekend helps. And we'll be waiting for said fun shit.