Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Playing Card 3 of Clubs

I can't tell you how happy I am to be part of's 3rd set of playing cards. I knew what I wanted to do once I got selected (3 of clubs was my first choice), but getting that very idea out of my head was very difficult (a surly dude holding 3 bats). Every initial sketch turned out wrong. Then I found this picture of Mickey Mantle at Corbis, and using that as reference, I was able to take off from there.

Clay (the genius behind got back from SXSW a couple of days ago and now has 'em available for purchase! It's a great stocking stuffer – I can vouch for decks 1 and 2 – and all the cash goes toward the site, a place which has been a total boon to my still fledgling illustration and design career.'s the entire set. If you want, you can buy an uncut sheet, but hurry, they tend to go fast!


Chrissie A said...

Good job, Allan--love his expression!

Allan L. said...

Thanks, Chrissie!

greg oakes said...

congrats!! nice illo! sadly i've never been much into baseball. i had a bad experience back in grade school where i broke a girls nose with a flying 'wooden' bat. :p *sigh* those were the days. thanks for stoppin by the 'sleeping giants' show the other night, it was great to see you! keep on keepin' on you gigpostering guy you!! ;)

all the best,