Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've been busy. Really busy.

What it dew, muhfukas?!?

2 posters for Athavale:
Athavale poster #4
Athavale poster #3
(click this one to see the larger version)

An illustration for The Manitoban (on the subject of bad Hitchcock films):
Worst Hitchcock Films
(click it to see the larger version)

...and a painting for my friend Ana's wedding social (Ardilla Atómico Hates Winnipeg Weather):
Ardilla Atómico Hates Winnipeg Weather, 2006

Word 'em up.


Fedora said...

Great Hitchcock toon.
I like. Now do more of them..go...

Allan L. said...

Yes sir!

Jeope said...

I love that squirrel. So, is that going to be a present at the wedding, or is it for fundraising purposes?

Seth Russell said...

Nice work, seriously great stuff!

Allan L. said...

Thanks, Seth!
Thanks, Jeope...it's for fundraising purposes. Me, and I believe 7 others (including Greg Oakes) did paintings for Ana and Brent's social, and they're getting auctioned off. I'll be there for the early part of the social, then heading over for the Co-op and Hunnicutt jam at the Pyramid. It's gonna be a wild and busy night!