Thursday, November 10, 2005

Illustration Friday: Cold/Night


Cold/Night, 2005 • graphite and Photoshop®

This one makes up for last week and covers this week. A quickie, but kinda fun. Anyone that's been coming here over the past three years knows that I f**kin' love winter, and one of the best things about it is listening to music during a snowfall, especially at night. Well, that encompasses both themes! Talk about yer synergy n' stuff.
Feel free to click the illos for larger sizes. Word.

EDIT: What the hell was I thinking? Last week's topic was "broken". Whatever. I guess I can stop patting myself on the's kinda awkward.


Niko said...

Hey it's great, A very good ilo

Holly said...

I love winter too. These illos are really cool (pardon the pun) Cheers!

hartini said...

That's really good drawing! I like it! :) You did his breath thingie really well!

Debbie said...

very cool :)

carla said...

I like it! That puff of frosty breath is perfect, and the face is...well, perfect! Good job:>

Alina Chau said...

fun illo

Jeope said...

I can't wait to start shovelling. Seriously. Being in apartments for 11 years does that to a guy.

Noice work.

btw: drop me an email from yer gmail account, so I can put it in my address list. I wanna send you something you might want to try out. Cryptic, I know. But do it!