Sunday, May 01, 2005

Al'z Post-School Wishlist

  1. A job. Something other than my Misericordia hustle. Preferably something design-oriented.
  2. An iPod, but first...
  3. ...a computer upgrade. Sorely needed
  4. The Art of Modern Rock. Damn right.
  5. A boatload of albums, including Gruf's Hopeless, Mike Doughty's Haughty Melodic, and Ben Folds' Songs For Silverman (plus the EPs he dropped a little while ago)
  6. My own f**kin' apartment. Gotta achieve #1 first.
  7. Flat files. Good storage, baby.
  8. A healthy mind and body. That's totally up to me.


Silent said...

I'll see you on thursday at open house. I'm coming to check out the talent, maybe i'll be recruiting soon.

Allan L. said...

Rockin'. See you there.

Jeope said...

Yeah, ditto. Maybe I'll get you to dress up like me and sit at my desk a few days a week while I go outside and play. I'll give you ten bucks.