Thursday, July 24, 2003

(Live from Osborne Cyber Cafe)
Other than the first large scale snowfall of the year, there's nothing I enjoy more that the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, the third largest fringe festival in the world. My girlfriend and I had to plan our Fringing carefully due to our hectic schedules this year, but we still managed to pack 10 shows into three(or was it four? Everything's a blur.) days. Every one we saw was great, but three stood out in particular.

The Power of Ignorance- Chris Gibbs is a comic genius. His one-man show which can only be described as a motivational seminar on stupidity was perfectlty paced. There was not one dull moment in this performance at all. Fuck, I wanna see it again!

Seven Sins- James Judd is an instantly likeable stand-up comic that'll have you rolling on the floor with laughter, clutching your sides in pain and gasping for air. Sounds fun, eh? It is. He only got to cover three of the seven deadly sins in the performance I went to(this 60 minute performance was originally 90 minutes long), but I certainly didn't leave disappointed at all. Judd is very gay, and you'd have to be to pull off a performance as wonderfully campy as this. It's an autobiographical romp with a little Young and the Restless thrown in! Really.

The New Crumbs Show- I'm a longtime Crumbs fan, and this show only reaffirmed why. At the perfomance Sarah and I attended, the Crumbs guys(Steve Sim, Lee White, and Devin McCraken and musician Craig Bjerring) found a Wet-Nap, a bandage, and stick of gum on the stage floor. Instead of grabbing suggestions from the audience(which is the norm for their long-form improv outings), they were inspired by those trinkets. What followed was a 60 minute laugh riot about confidence, office romance and nicotine addiction. If I hadn't already bought a Frequent Fringer pass, that would've been 8 bucks well-spent.

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