Thursday, May 01, 2003

April 29th, 2003
(Live from home via SimpleText, bitch!)
I'm not gonna pretend that I give a fuck about the end result of wack-ass American Idol. Whatever I know about the show is due to Mom watching it in the living room while I'm eating.
What I do give a fuck about is young girls ending up thinking they have to be skinny in order to succeed in showbiz. Yeah, I know it's old news, but that twat Simon Cowell can eat a triple-decker dick sandwich for telling Vanessa to lose weight. Fuck him with a clawhammer, yo. seems to me that he hasn't handed out the same advice to Ruben, a man rivaling the girth of Big Pun(R.I.P.). Vanessa was tasty, dammit...a girl with a classic figure with bonuses like a DVD. She's posing nude for PETA now. As cliché as it sounds, YOU GO GIRL! I hope I never meet Simon in person. My foot's got his name on it, and it'll head straight up his ass if such an event occurs.
I need a speed bag. Gotta work off some frustration. Actually, what I really need is sleep. Later, y'all.

This morning:
It must be Spring, because I wanna jump on anything that's female, human, good-looking, and big(all those things have to be present, BTW). But when you think about it, every other day of the year is pretty much like that. Whatever.
I've got Graphic Design History class in a few minutes, so I'll see your ass later.

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