Sunday, January 05, 2003

(Live from Sarah's House)
What up, y'all? Howgozit by you? Good, I hope. Disconnected the web at home. Feels good. Just got back from Montana's, my favourite chain restaurant. I'm pleasantly full. Living there would be heaven on earth...I'd wake up to the smell of rotisserie chicken every day! The only thing better than that would be waking up to be greeted by a harem. And the smell of rotisserie chicken.

Mr. Lif has definitely become one of my favorite emcees.I Phantom is an incredible album, and is so far getting better with each listen. The concept behind this album is clever, too. And if you're having problems following along, Lif breaks it down track by track in the liner notes(reading is fundamental, yo.). Right now, I'm listening to "Live From the Plantation", which every wage slave can relate to(with dope prodution by Edan). The one big surprise of this album is producer/emcee Insight. I've never heard of this kid before, but I'm loving what I'm hearing now! He rhymes on two of the track he produced, "Status" and "Iron Helix". On the first, he gives an account of Lif being thrown out of a club, and comes with a relaxed flow. But on the second, he's filled with passion as a "primitive" being corrupted by Lif as an evil spirit of some sort. That track is ill...and brilliant. The following track, also produced by Insight, entitled "Earthcrusher" is a frightening look at a nuclear holocaust. It's kinda chilling, since we haven't been this close to nuclear fuckery since the Cold War. I have faith that cooler heads will prevail, but it still makes you think. I'm gonna be looking out for Insight in the future, f'real.
Highly recommended.

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